Peter Shepherd CEO

Peter has over 50 years’ experience in the Global Freight workplace, starting in British Airways Cargo and seeing  the first 747 land at London Heathrow!

Peter worked in Cargo reservations and learned all skills regarding pallet loading, dangerous goods and apron management.  Peter then progressed to the commercial world of agency freight forwarding from an export clerk to branch management and then progressed to Sales in WTC Rand.

Peter has worldwide experience of the sales environment,  enjoying heading up  commercial sales teams and working with Air Menzies International (GM Sales) and widening their network.

Peter has trained various sales personnel in both in his position as a Sales Director and as a Consultant to a large Middle Eastern Logistics company (GAC).

He is motivated by success and closing the deal! sharing his travelling experiences with his teams both in operations and sales, he has learned to bring all aspects of the diverse needs of his customers to the individual Company’s  portfolios.

Peter has worked as a consultant with various Logistics companies both in the UK and overseas, with challenges in the African market in the USA, Middle East and Asia.

Peter has presented solutions to the Hajj committee and helped them with their challenges on organic waste .

More recently Peter has travelled extensively in the Middle East and beyond with focus on Keep Cool  and Waste to Energy products, both highly important to the Perishable marketplace.

Peter as CEO started Perishable Logistics Network and  has known both Peter Whitfield and Christos Spyrou for 30 years .  We have decided to work together under the Neutral Air Partner umbrella –  amalgamating  our joint networking skills, professionalism and expertise  but following the already well established and respected ethos of NAP.

Peter brings his enthusiasm and passion for networking and sales to this NAP/PLN opportunity, and his experiences of working and making friends with all his worldwide contacts.