NAX Fresh welcomes founding member Advantage Worldwide welcomes founding member Canaan Group

The Canaan Group of companies was founded in 1981.  Canaan (pronounced K-nan) is the ancient Hebrew word meaning the land of promise. It is this principle of “Delivered as Promised” that the company is founded upon.  This is especially critical when it comes to handling “Perishable Cargo”.

Canaan Group is now a fully integrated, all-inclusive transportation solution for all customers looking for supply chain management, logistics, import/export trading, freight forwarding, and business services.  With a headquarter in Toronto, Ontario, Canaan Group is well positioned to handle all needs around the globe.  Within Canada, they have offices in Vancouver, Richmond, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

Canaan Group offers six different products for perishable products:

1. Reefer Ocean Container Transport
2. Air Cargo Transport (IATA Licensed)
3. FTL Canaan Truck Service (Canaan House Truckers)
4. Canaan Customs Brokerage (Canaan Licensed custom broker)
5. Warehouse with temperature and reefer capabilities
6. Specialized Project Teams

Over time Canaan Group has grown to develop expertise in 15 core industries. Three of these industries involve perishable products: Food (perishable products including fruits, seafood, meat, and dairy), Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals.  From typical transportation modes like ocean and air, the key to the firm’s success is seeking out innovative solutions to make customers’ transportation needs better.

“Delivered as Promised”, to deliver your products on time and on budget while providing you with superb service the whole time.

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