Perishable Logistic Network is an international group of experts that advances the interests of the time sensitive perishables logistics industry.

Perishable Logistic Network

PLN provides a global platform to engage with perishables logistics professionals and vendors to the trade who share your passion for business excellence, and offers you the tools to streamline your business and capitalize on high revenue growth.


To provide be-spoke and cost effective fresh logistic connections for an incomparable global advantage.
To build competitive advantages through innovative cargo community tools.
To drive buying power across the global supply chain.
Who We Are?

PLN was established by industry professionals who bring with them over 100 years of practical experience in perishable logistics.

Founder and CEO Peter Shepherd has extensive experience within the industry with selling commercially worldwide.  He started Perishable Logistics Network and has known both Peter Whitfield and Christos Spyrou for 30 years.  Amalgamating their joint networking skills, professionalism and expertise they formed the NAP/PLN strategic partnership.



To invite members with a hunger for improving quality of delivered perishable products worldwide.

To improve environmental challenges with value-added products including waste to energy.

To invite exclusively privately-owned companies with a proven record of exemplary service and understanding of perishable logistics temperature control products.

PLN is powered by Neutral Air Partner (NAP), the premier global network of leading air cargo architects and aviation specialists
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